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My name is Davide De Angelis and right off the bat I would like to offer you something truly valuable that will radically transform your ability to Actulize your creative dreams, and in the process, give you access to a very powerful way of being in the world. I call this the CREATIVE POWER SYSTEM, and as you will see, I have used this approach to bring some amazing projects and ideas to life over the years. You will discover that The Creative Power System is light years away from how we have been taught to make things happen - the conventional way. It is presented as a work of art - art with the power to transform and enrich lives. It will reveal entirely new realms of possibility to you and set you on the path to being someone who can have real impact. I believe with intense passion that Creativity is the ultimate superpower. But sadly I see so many exceptionally talented individuals and organizations repeatedly failing to realize their creative visions, struggling to rise above the ever-growing crowd, unable to get financially rewarded and ultimately paying a very heavy price for following their passion. I'm on a mission to help creativity shine into the world with evermore intensity. I believe that with this dynamic, 'living' system you can turn your life into breathtaking art - you can turn your businesses, your relationships into breathtaking art, receiving the abundance you deserve. I want this possibility to be alive for you and all those you have the capacity to touch, move and inspire with your gifts and talents. I want you to experience the intense joy and fulfilment that comes with this way of creating - this way of living your life.

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"Having a totally unique visual vocabulary created by Davide, activates something Beautiful and Alive in an organization"

"Davide's Work is Potent Visual Alchemy"

David Bowie - icon of creativity

I worked directly with David Bowie and his New York Innovation company Isolar for several years, building identities, conceptualizing products, designing album covers, stage sets, books, art shows and much more. I honed the skill of communicating with a global audience of literally millions, in a very moving and intimate way. Regardless of what we are told we can shape-shift between many disciplines and bring fresh eyes - the eyes of the Starman to life in any situation.

"Creativity is a Superpower"

When we discover the miraculous power of our creative spirit, we become a force of Nature.

I'm constantly asking what it means and what it requires to be a fully expressed, actualized human being. This question burns like a spiritual flame inside my heart. There are many paths that may lead to this possibility. For me the question itself is something vital, expressing mostly through Creativity - Art, Design...Words. I believe that creativity has the miraculous power to utterly transform our reality. Through this 'Superpower', we can literally invent who we are and what we stand for. We can imagine any reality we wish to experience and bring it to life in the world of things. I have felt this force flowing through my mind and body and the world ever since I can remember. My life has been guided and shaped by it. In essence, every day is a fresh adventure, a unique work of art. I literally experience CREATIVITY as a dynamic life form that speaks in the most unexpected, provocative and utterly beautiful ways. I believe that ART has the capacity to re-enchant this world, uniting sprit, science and indeed true magic - the activation of Life itself.

In my life and in my work I am completely focused on the possibility of astonishment. I have been on this path for forty plus years through profound experimentation, research and deep practice. I have discovered ways to help both individuals and organizations ignite the wonder of creativity and utterly transform their experience and results. I have traversed many different practices, cosmologies and ways of seeing. There have been times of great difficulty and challenge that needed to be faced and transformed. I have been guided and deeply privileged to work with some of the most amazing innovators, leaders, teachers and organizations in the world, including the iconic David Bowie, Apple, Virgin and Sony. As well as a visionary artist and designer, over the years I have been a spiritual teacher, a philosopher, a coach and workshop facilitator, yoga instructor, sound and energy healer, vision quest guide and even a fruitarian endurance athlete. These roles have gifted me great perspective and insights into how we can awaken an ever-expanding sense of wonder and turn our hand to extraordinary ideas and possibilities.

For many years I have steadily worked away, but now it is time to be fully seen and powerfully communicate what I have discovered. The STARMAN TAROT is indeed a crucial part of this process, and to the very best of my ability, transmits the quintessence of 'astonishment'. This world is full of mysteries, there is no end to what can be explored. We can move towards a future of unimaginable beauty if we can become conscious creators. This radiant possibility is present for us all. It sits waiting to be liberated in the businesses we run, the language we use and the art we make.

If you are interested in connecting with Davide to help your organization create a spectacular visual and linguistic vocabulary, or if you would love to connect with the art he creates or the workshops and presentations he offers, please click the link below.





Books by Davide

I've now penned several books that range from trippy sci-fi novels, creating abundance, spiritual philosophy and human potential. Each one has its own place along the path. I'm currently engaged in writing and illustrating a book specifically about the power of creativity with my wife and co-author of the Starman Tarot guide, Esther De Angelis: more on this shortly.

"There is a fusion of ancient knowledge and wisdom - the geometries, the eternal shapes - with what can only be described as a futuristic way of thinking, it is both completely familiar yet utterly mysterious."

"If you only knew the magnificence of 3, 6 and 9,

then you would have a key to the universe."

Nikola Tesla

© Davide De Angelis

When people ask me how I work I show them instead of tell them - this is how Visual Alchemy often manifests

Books by Davide All available on Amazon

"Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected"

Davide is the creator of the highly acclaimed Starman Tarot

The Starman Tarot is offered in six languages including, English, Spanish, Italian, German and Russian. There are three unique versions of the deck - Special Limited Edition of 3000, Delux Kit (lightning bolt box), and Standard Deck version. The Limited Edition comes with a 192 - page detailed explanation book, and unique art book, the Delux Kit comes with 192 - page detailed explanation book. The standard deck comes with a colour abbreviated  explanation book. STARMAN TAROT is available through all leading retailers and bookshops.


Current book ideas in progress




In the beginning there is the void that invites different energies to play - it is as simple and complex as that

The Starman Tarot is the powerful declaration that life, at its core, is utterly astonishing. Its message is that we all have the capacity to awaken and discover the magical nature of life each day whatever our circumstances. Conceived and visualized by visionary artist, philosopher and award winning designer, Davide De Angelis, the Starman Tarot is offered as a sacred prayer to the power of our human imagination. The deck draws deeply on Davide's design and collaborative artwork with David Bowie for the albums Outside and Earthling, alongside their work together for art shows, stage sets and interactive presentations during the 90’s and early 2000's. This powerful creative collaboration that began over two decades ago established a deep respect and rapport between them.  This powerful, visionary tarot deck expertly weaves together intricate sacred geometries, alchemy, street culture, futuristic cosmologies, erotic sci-fi images, punk rock, experimental typography, magic and the sacred teachings of the plant teachers and mystery traditions. Davide's life-long fascination with the miraculous system of Tarot, combined with his deep desire to explore and visualise the nature of reality, has given birth to rich and complex forms of graphic art – ‘potent visual alchemy’ as Bowie described it.



Speaking, presenting and teaching with the Starman Tarot

Davide art directing Bowie in the 90's