The artistic vocabulary of the Starman Tarot was born in the years De Angelis spent working with David Bowie on the albums, Outside, Earthling, art installations, stage designs, books and product concepts. The deck weaves together experimantal  typography, street art, eroticised scri-fi imagery, influcences of philosophy, shamanism, cosmology, futuristic cosmologies, chaos theory, Caravaggio, destroyed imagery of punk alongside intricate sacred geometries. Each card is a compelling micro-drama arriving fully formed and at the same time constantly shape-shifting. Through powerful archetypes and mesmerising dreamscapes - the deck speaks powerfully and directly about the turbulent times we are currently facing and acts as a portal to a vivid and miraculous future. It gives all who use it access to a vital form of creative expression, revealed wisdom and guidance.‍‍‍


"Having a totally unique Identity created by Davide Activates something Beautiful and Alive in an organization"

"Davide's Work is Potent Visual Alchemy"

David Bowie - icon of creativity and highly successful businessman

I worked directly with David Bowie and his New York Innovation company Isolar for over 7-Years, building identities, conceptualizing products, designing album covers, stage sets, books, art shows and much more. I honed the skill of communicating with a global audience of literally millions, in a very moving and intimate way. Regardless of what we are told we can shape-shift between many disciplines and bring fresh eyes - the eyes of the shaman to life in any situation..

"Really Amazing Design!"

Steve Jobs- legendary innovator and business genius

I worked on several high profile projects for Apple over the course of 4-years. The above quote refers to my work around developing new types of interface design - some of which you may well still be interacting with on your iPhone today. I had a powerful intuition to use visual ideas more akin to creating Fine Art, an approach that was considered the antithesis of creating interactive communications, but resulted in an exciting breakthrough to screen-based presentations. The first roll-out came with Apple's interactive in-store sales screens with Steve Jobs personally overseeing the project.

Here's a snapshot of some of the Amazing Entrepreneurs and Organizations I've worked with in the past few months

Levi Banner

International Yoga Teacher and Head Trainer at the world renowned Yoga Barn in Bali.

“Sometimes the Universe brings you people that exceed your expectations and hopes. Davide was brought into my life at just the right time. He created for me a wild and beautiful Identity that only an artist like him could come up with and showed me how to flow it out into the world. Beyond my dreams.”

LeahMarie Ritz

Leader in Marketing Innovations and Business Strategies.

“Working with Davide was really amazing on all levels. He was able to get to the very heart of who we are and what we stand for. He worked to create a complete and stunning identity, a fundamental element for building our business into a world leader in our market. I would passionately recommend that you connect with Davide!”

When your Brand - your Identity is a powerful symbol of your highest vision and core mission it has the capacity to communicate a potent message beyond words, ‍‍‍extraordinary possibilities are ignited.

"There is a fusion of ancient knowledge and wisdom - the geometries, the eternal shapes - with what can only be described as a futuristic way of thinking, it is both completely familiar yet utterly mysterious."

My Purpose is to Astound, Enrich and Innovate life through the visual realm.

David Bowie gave me the tag of Visual Alchemist and I gladly accept it. Since a small child I have been compelled to create images and geometries. I cut my teeth as a designer when still at school, creating logos and covers for punk bands. I'm passionate about bringing beauty and wonder to life through my work. I am privileged to work with amazing people who trust me to create something striking and unique to communicate their businesses and ideas. In my own art I am always drawn to express the extraordinary nature of our human experience.

In harmony with my visual work, I'm also a writer, futurist and teacher of

energy practices.

Davide De Angelis - Visual Alchemist

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"If you only knew the magnificence of 3, 6 and 9,

then you would have a key to the universe."

Nikola Tesla

© Davide De Angelis

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Vital Unique Creations for a New Life & Business Paradigm







When people ask me how I work I show them instead of tell them

Books by Davide

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"Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnect‍‍‍ed"

Dr. Joe Uematsu

Research Director, Marisa Natural Eye Rejuvenation. Tokyo

“I have never met someone more disciplined and passionate in the art of revealing intrinsic beauty than Davide. I had no idea that a company Identity project could have a profound impact on how I see the world and think about business and my own identity.”

Skarlet Lu Realta

Founder LoneStar, Director Alchemical Studies at Scholomance University, Alchemist, Mentor, Author, Filmmaker

“From the outset working with Davide, it was as if in every moment he completely read my mind. The highly diverse visual Identity and design work he has delivered across the board with LoneStar, from publishing through corporate and University, has been exceptional: the powerful potency and profound beauty of each piece totally aligned to its purpose. His vision, dedication, support and genius are second to none.”

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In the beginning there is the void that invites different energies to play - it is as simple and complex as that