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"Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected"

"If you only knew the magnificence of 3, 6 and 9,

then you would have a key to the universe."

Nikola Tesla

A visionary system unites ancient wisdom with what can only be described as a futuristic way of thinking and seeing reality. It enables us to bring new contexts to life and see what was previously hidden from view.

"Davide is someone who intimately understands how to see right into ideas and liberate what's most vital"

"Davide's Work is Potent Visual Alchemy"

David Bowie - icon of creativity and highly successful businessman

I worked directly with David Bowie and his New York Innovation company Isolar for over 7-Years, building his brand, conceptualizing products, designing album covers, stage sets, books, art shows and much more. I honed the skill of communicating with a global audience of literally millions, in a very moving and intimate way.

I coach and guide people and organizations from all over the world.

This process begins with us having a 'Visionary Conversation' to ignite a dynamic possibility.

To book a Visionary Conversation please click the email link below. In your email, I will need to have a very brief background about yourself or your organisation, plus I will need a short description of what you are looking to create - your idea or other possibilities you wish to explore. Please keep it to two paragraphs if possible.

My assistant Maria will then contact you to arrange a free 30-minute chat that will enable us to establish if there is a good fit and that we can create some real magic together.











Davide art directing Bowie in the 90's

I Empower You to Actualize Your Highest Vision & Potential

Alongside being a visionary artist, an award-winning designer and working with iconic creatives, I've successfully realized many of my own highly unique projects and products.

I have devised best-selling online courses and facilitated seminars, workshops and retreats, whilst coaching hundreds of people through the science and art of actualizing their dreams.

I've had a life-long passion and insatiable appetite for unlocking the mysteries of creativity and human potential. This has led me through countless adventures and called me to overcome some seriously deep challenges. I have guided creative-led entrepreneurs, inventors and just people with dynamic dreams to bring their visions to life. Along the way I've studied shamanism, psychology, yoga, sound healing, cosmology, high-performance coaching, zen meditation, fruitarian living and endurance sports, alchemy and many more systems. I've published four books including an Amazon top 100 bestseller. And more recently, I'm the creator of the highly acclaimed Starman Tarot. I'm deeply curious, constantly learning and evolving. I move through life with a smile in my eyes and a vivid awareness of what it means to take on the risk of living as a fully expresses human being.

Basically I've walked the path and honed the skills and wisdom to help others find their way through the often bewildering landscape of life to make things that actually count and have lasting impact.

Davide De Angelis

Visionary Coaching for Creatives is a highly potent fusion of deep enquiry, insight and focused action, creating a dynamic environment where your creative projects are brought into being.

The key agenda is to reveal previously unseen, unimagined possibilities and give birth to vital new contexts in which you get to actualize your dreams.

Without exception a state of profound transformation in a person's life, an organisation or an idea can be ignited by a radical shift in CONTEXT.

On every level there is a re-orientation, a fresh viewpoint from which to explore and determine actions.

My experience of working with hundreds of people - thousands if you include online - has shown me that one of the most effective and also enjoyable ways to bring an entirely new context to life, is through what I term 'VISIONARY COACHING'.

My name is Davide De Angelis and I'm an award-winning designer, art director energy master and teacher with over thirty years experience in bringing creative ideas to life and helping people and organisations activate their highest creative visions, actulizing their dreams in the most potent and transformative ways possible. The fact that I have successfully bridged the gap between being a creative professional and an expert in coaching, psychology, deep-healing and human potential places me in a unique position to help those ready to realise their highest creative potential.    

Visionary Coaching unfolds or flows through a dynamic system of enquiry I've developed over many years working with gifted and powerful visionaries, shamans, energy masters and experts in human potential. This system forms into a vital environment and energy out of which powerful new contexts grow and flourish. I call this system the 'Living Creative System'.

The system is in reality nothing like a conventional system. It can be linear and nonlinear, intuitive, logical: it is always interpersonally adaptive.

Visionary Coaching can take place on a personal one-to-one level or in a group dynamic. To save valuable time and cut directly to the point, all sessions take place online.

Importantly, Visionary Coaching is only open to creative, focused and passionate people and organisations/teams that are actively working on a business idea or a significant issue around giving birth to a powerful vision. I only work with people who are 100% committed to reaching their goals and are willing to take powerful, consistent actions. We explore with lazer focus and deep honesty.

The next phase of  your evolution is NOW...

Directing the Vital-Force into Your Creative Visions and Life

Life becomes vital when we access the power to astonish ourselves first, then shine our astonishment out into the world.

In astonishment we can ignite a Real Impact around what Truly Matters

We create a space in which the unexpected, the previously unimagined is brought into being.

Read on to discover how you can further explore Visionary Coaching with Davide

Here's the challenge I'm here to solve for You.

I see so many exceptionally creative business and product ideas,  so many talented people with such amazing potential unclear about how to move forward or needing powerful input at a crucial point. The gap between being fully creatively expressed, having potent aspirations and being able to actualize them can seem like a vast chasm. On the surface it would appear that being authentic to your creative vision, whilst at the same time being able to flourish in the 'normal world', evolve as a human being, and generate money is supremely difficult. You absolutely know that if it was simply down to hard work and passion, you would already be there. It 's as if there is some mysterious component of reality that's hovering just beyond your field of vision. My job is to facilitate bringing that mysterious 'something' into view and helping you to take powerful, effective actions based on what you see. I help to reveal the reality that you don't know that you don't know. The difference that makes all the difference - the presence of Creative Power in your life.

As both an artist and creative-led business owner, my personal journey has not been smooth and I have learnt many lessons the hard way. However, through tenacity and a burning desire to discover the deeper workings of life, I've crafted a truly astonishing way to bring radiant possibilities to life. Once I understood the dynamics of actualizing Creative Power, my entire reality shifted and I was able to have a real impact and constantly realize more powerful dreams.

Through my coaching practice, I have the meaningful pleasure of serving a growing movement of Creative Entrepreneurs who are committed to radically redefining the way we do business, create products, services and ultimately shape the world. Extraordinary things can be achieved way quicker and far more beautifully than ever before! When you work with a creative who has Mastered the Art of bringing the most powerful and creative elements into play, truly spectacular things can be achieved. Time can be optimized, ideas can be expressed in their most potent forms without confusion and delay. Instead, the path to brilliance is swift and accurate so that you can immediately make a real impact and difference. You are on a mission, so You want to use Your energy and resources wisely. I can help you make that journey!