The original Starman Tarot idea was conceived by artist, designer and philosopher Davide De Angelis twenty years ago when he was working with the iconic David Bowie .

"Davide's Wo‍‍‍rk is Potent Visual Alchemy"

David Bowie

Starmen Travelling Through Time

Journeying through innumerable transformations, the project somehow stayed potententalised across the years; building, evolving and vast in scope. And yet with all the strange twists and turns of life it seemed impossible to realise.

Then upon Bowie’s death in January 2016, Davide De Angelis was compelled by a series of powerful dreams to complete the project and finally bring the Starman Tarot to life for the world to experience.

Starman Tarot is a highly innovative and dynamic rendition – evolution - of the ancient Tarot System. Inspiration for the deck and its accompanying book evolved out of the potent visual vocabulary that De Angelis and Bowie created for albums such as Outside and Earthling. Through powerful archetypes and mesmerising dreamscapes‍‍‍ - the deck speaks powerfully and directly about the turbulent times we are currently facing, and ‍‍‍opens a portal to a vivid and miraculous future. It gives all who use it access to a vital form of creative expression, revealed wisdom and guidance. Just like Bowie himself, Starman Tarot is a living, shape-shifting system to be explored for countless generations.

As anticipation builds before publication, the project is attracting a large following around the world eager to engage with the energy of the deck.

Working with the Starman

Davide describes his experience of working closely with Bowie:

“When I worked with Bowie, there was always a sense that something astonishing, something impossible was going to happen. I would cross into a realm where the ordinary became extraordinary, a realm where ideas appeared to have a visceral quality that I could touch and move. Bowie was a magnetic energy that attracted creativity. Reality became evermore sensitive to this energy and constantly gifted the unexpected.”

Bowie in turn described Davide’s artwork as, “Potent Visual Alchemy” and referred to Davide as "The Visual Alchemist”.

Their collaborations flowed across many platforms and mediums including, album art and design, art shows and installations.

How You can become an integral part of the story

Limited ‍‍‍Edition Prints

As part of the process of honouring the amazing energy and experience of working with David Bowie, the ultimate Starman, and offering something of great value to those who wish to connect with the energy of this project, Davide has created a Limited Edition Art Print of one of the key archetypes of the Starman Tarot: Starman Seedsinger.  

This is a potent opportunity for those who wish to connect now with the essence of the Starman Tarot project. Davide has conceived an artist’s Limited Edition of the Starman Alchemist - Giclée printed to collectors’ standard on the highest quality art paper.

The Starman Seedsinger embodies a radiant, alien messiah - a meta-ziggy who sits at the very core of the Starman Tarot. He embodies lightning bolt intelligences that will guide you towards your highest form of creative expression. This image is a powerful invitation to align yourself to your dreams and what you know in your deepest of hearts is your calling. A visual message for you to fully express your radiance without compromise.

Starman Seedsinger‍‍‍

Davide is offering two picture sizes that he believes portrays the Starman Seedsinger (above) in all his his radiance. These Limited Edition Prints are highest quality - collectors standard - fine art Giclée prints.

10 Signed Li‍‍‍mite‍‍‍d Edition A1 size (59.4 × 84.1cm 23.39 × 33.11 inches) £450 GBP

£15 post and packing is added to the final price (UK)

100 Signed Limited Ed‍‍‍ition A2 size (42.0 x 59.4cm, 16.53 x 23.39 inches) £127 GBP‍‍

‍‍‍£10 post and packing is added to the final price (UK)

This is an amazing opportunity for you to become an integral part of the spectacular Starman Tarot phenomenon.

There are two Artist Proofs at A1 size to be kept by Davide.

In addition Davide is offering five unique works of the Starman Seedsinger A1 size that will contain Davide’s hand drawn Bowie Alien calligraphy in gold ink. On each one Davide has hand rendered the Alien letter forms in beautiful patterns. These unique artworks will never be available anywhere else again. Each specific hand rendered design will only be revealed upon opening of the packaged artwork by their purchaser.  £1,200 GBP‍‍‍

Davide with his daughter Solaria holding the printers' proof of the A2 100 Limited Edition.

After you place your order you will be contacted to confirm the delivery details of your Signed Limited Edition Print.

10‍‍‍% of all profits from sales will go to the SEVA foundation - a beautiful and amazing charity that transforms lives by restoring sight.

The Mystery Gift encrypted into Starman Seedsinger

In the spirit of the Starman, there is an added dimension to this limited edition.

A unique symbol will be worked into five of the A2 Limited Edition Prints and a different unique symbol worked into just one of the ten A1 Limited Edition prints.

The person who discovers a unique symbol in the 100 A2 prints will be given the opportunity to have a name of their choice woven into the design of a Court card.The person who discovers the unique symbol in the 10 A1 prints will be given the opportunity to have a name of their choice woven into the design of a Major Arcana card.

All five of the unique, hand caligraphed works will give the opportunity to have Two names of their choice woven into the design of any card they wish. Davide will consult with each lucky person to make sure he understands the energy of the name so it can be created and integrated in perfect harmony with the deck.

Without doubt these Limited Edition works will become highly sought after collectors items. The names woven into the card designs will be there for generations to discover.‍‍‍

All images © Davide De Angelis 20‍‍‍18