Brand Vision Books

The Purpose and Process

A Brand Vision Book actually catalyzes two integral aspects of your Brand:

Your Mission & Your Vision

Your Mission being the fundamental purpose for your business existing. Your Vision - based on that purpose - describes what you intend to become. Therefore your Vision is a future declaration of your purpose and aspirations.

Your Strategy flows directly from your Vision as a process to achieve the Vision and satisfy the Mission.

The clearer and more creatively the Mission and Vision can be communicated the more precise the strategy can be described and actioned.

The best Visions create a healthy tension that constantly challenges the status quo. This generates a spirit of continuous innovation and improvement.

The Vision book acts as a high-level guide to assist you in developing the very grounded nature of your strategies.

Ultimately a your Mission and your Vision are powerful statements of your Self Worth. When you invest in creating something that fully resonates throughout your organization, the work you do becomes a practice to realize both collective and personal dreams.

Your Brand Vision Book gives you an inspiring, physical representation of your Mission and highest Vision. In a world dominated by digital it’s easy to forget the potency of something tactile and tangible.

The book communicates your core values, it defines what you will do and what you won't do to achieve your Vision.

To have the core values and dreams of your business and those involved represented in a truly dynamic, beautiful and even provocative way acts as both a constant reminder of what you stand for - the actual stand your business is taking in the world: the stand YOU are all taking in the world.

The process of creating these books is always revelatory. It is also a highly valuable tool to inspire the key people your business is here to serve.

These books have a visceral impact on those who interact with them. They call everyone back to what’s most important.

To create such a book, I work intimately with each individual member of your team and with the business as a collective.

Some of the key things we cover in the process are:

Your Skill Bank and Wisdom Bank

Creating an in-depth 'Avatar' of who you serve.

Your Core Values

Key influences and inspirations

The alchemy of symbols and colour

The power of storytelling

Your unique edge

The unique experience your brand creates

Challenges and shadows

Crafting and honing your Mission and Vision

Importantly, the process unfolds in a totally unique way for each organization, and the books stand as a testament to the incredible scope, wisdom and creativity that resides in your business and is ultimately communicated through your brand.

Creating your Brand Vision Book has a way of revealing new possibilities and opportunities that would not have been visible under normal circumstances. The value of your Brand Vision Book continues to grow and evolve long after the book has been produced.

The book is a real definable statement of intent and commitment, supporting the actualization of your highest Vision.

Production and ordering

I produce the books through an excellent high quality print on demand company called ‘Blurb’. They specialise in high-end art and portfolio books and the production level is quite superb. This means that you will have full access to your own Blurb account and can order as many copies as you want, when you want - from just a handful to be used by you and your core team members to literally thousands, spreading the philosophy of your brand to the world in a very unique way.

Your investment in creating your Brand Vision Book will depend on the scope and size of the project and any travel needed. I have a minimum project investment of $20,000 USD. The final price quoted includes all the preliminary content building meetings and explorations, the full design of the book and production of a final artwork document uploaded to Blurb.

According to the size, number of pages and the level of print finishing required, you will get a unit cost per book from Blurb. As is standard, this unit cost will decrease with a greater volume of books ordered at one time.

These books are such an amazing thing to produce. I would love to discuss possibilities with you.

Please contact me directly here to arrange a live conversation.