Davide De Angelis

Davide was born in London, England and is a multi-award-winning Designer and Visionary Artist. He is also a bestselling Writer, Futurist and Energy Master. In his personal life he is a passionate Fruitarian, Endurance Athlete and Dad.

He has worked for some of the most innovative companies and people in the world, including Apple, Virgin, Sony and for over seven years with the iconic David Bowie. His creative work is renowned for its experimental and beautiful ways of using language and images to powerfully communicate ideas.

Bowie described Davide’s work as “potent visual alchemy” and called him the 'Visual Alchemist'. A title that has travelled with him through the years.

"I believe strongly that inventing through the vital and paradoxical mix of creativity, logic, chaos and adventure has the power to revolutionize how we engage with the realm of business, ideas and ultimately how we engage with life: if lived and explored fully this dynamic mix brings us home to our fullest potential and expression."

Davide's book, The Guiding Principle became an Amazon bestseller in 2012. And his ideas around consciousness and expanding human energy potential have led him to work with CEOs of multi-million dollar corporations, musicians and media personalities, professional athletes and creative entrepreneurs around the world.

Inspired by adventure and a passion for learning, he has travelled extensively, connecting with the art and cosmologies of many diverse cultures. He spent over a decade training with Shamans and Energy Masters from both East and West - studied, practiced and taught a plethora of systems including Self-Enquiry, Sound Healing and Elevating Human Perception and Vitality. He has devized and facilitated numerous workshops, vision quests and retreats in the UK and different parts of the world, alongside creating successful online learning programs and seminars.

Central to everything is a sense of play and innovation.  

Books written by Davide

“Davide’s work is potent visual alchemy”

David Bowie

“This is really an amazing piece of design!”

Steve Jobs - speaking about Davide's interface designs for an Apple in-store presentation.

Your Brand Vision created as a stunning book to guide and inspire everyone connected with your business and ideas.


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